Alano's Shtat kennel. Great Dane





Kennel name:  Alano's Shtat
Coat Colors:    Harlequin, Black
 Owner:        Valeria Kiys
Location:           Pskov (Russia)
Mailing Address:  V. Kiys, Gogolya str.47-1, 180000, Pskov, Russia

Phones:  +7 (8112) 62-12-08, +7  909 575 82 89
+3 725 730 62 22
Geographical Reference Pskov City


Continent: Europe
Country: Russia
Latitude 57.8333 Longitude 28.3333 Altitude above sea level 35 m.
Latitude (DMS) 57° 49' 60N Longitude (DMS) 28° 19' 60E

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The chroniclers mentioned Pskov for the first time in 903 when Kiev prince Igor married Olga from Pskov. But Pskov was founded much earlier: It's mentioned nowhere when Pleskov city appeared and who was it's founder, it's only known, that it already existed when prince Ryurik with his fraternity came from Varangians to Slavs to reign...
Bright ancient history of Pskov is connected with its frontier location. For 500 years it was the defence center of Northwest Russia from foreign invasions (from 1116 till 1709 Pskov was engaged in 123 wars with external enemies) and at the same time it was a very important transit station in trade with Baltic countries and Hanza (union of German citites).
Behind four lines of Pskov fortification walls there were more than 150 temples! Pskov holded the third place in Russia after Moscow and Novgorod by its population. Nowadays regardless the consequences of wars and revolutions Pskov holds nearly the first place in Russia by the number of ancient monuments.
We live in the center of Old City, on the ground every square meter of which holds memory of milennial history.


Alano's Shtat Zinger & Valeria Kiys




Alano's Shtat Zinger & Olesya Rozin






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